Learn music at one of Hawaii’s most popular music schools!

Lessons with well-established and experienced teachers!



Very popular amongst locals and celebrities!
Domestic and International competition winners!
Many students with performances opportunities around the world, including Carnegie Hall in New York.
Acceptance into famous music schools and conservatoires in Japan and the United States! Short-term study abroad between Japan and Hawaii is also possible! 


6 key features

1. Class Flexibility


The content and course material of the classes will be based on the students are level and expectations. The curriculum will defer between students to accommodate the students’ needs and goals.
The instructor will identify the students learning style and teach necessary knowledge and skills for success. 

2. Many performance opportunities

We have annual recitals four times a year, in the spring, autumn, and winter. We provide studio and masterclasses to prepare students for national and international competitions and concerts.


Recitals are often held at center stages of shopping malls, university halls, and nursing home visits. 

3. Affordable Lesson fee


We offer lessons at affordable prices. Please contact us for specific rates (tuition varies depending on the class and content). 

4. Taught with love respect


Music should be taught with love and sincerity. Our top priority is that the lessons are enjoyable and provide a positive impact to the student. We believe that success comes from students passionate about music. 

5. Extensive support for advanced students


Selected students have the opportunity to participate in competitions such as the Osaka International Music Competition (Hawaii Regional and Osaka finals), Aloha International Piano Competition, MTNA competition, and HMTA competition. We also have students participating in grade examinations such as the National Guild Audition. 

6. 4 languages available

Lessons are available in Japanese, English, and Chinese!


Renee's Music Studio has many instructors whose mother tongues are Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese. You can take lessons in the language of your choice, so you don't have to worry about the language.

Class List


From children to adults, we have classes that everyone can enjoy!

Choices between one-on-one lessons or group lessons. 

One-on-one lessons








・Perfect Pitch Training

・Prep for Music college/conservatory entry exam

・Composition and Arrangement

・Japanese Language

Group lessons

・Gospel choir


・Kids keyboard

・Kids Rhythmic


・Japanese Language


Private lesson trial lesson (approximately 25-30 minutes): $25


There is a one-time enrollment fee of $100 for private lessons.

Currently, during the promotion, it is half price at $50.

Monthly tuition varies slightly depending on the instructor.

For four 30-minute lessons per month, the average cost is between $164 and $172. Principal Renee charges $200.

(Tax not included)


Both the Thursday 9:30 English rhythmics class and the Friday 11:00 Japanese rhythmics class are $15 per session.

The first session can be attended for $15. If you continue thereafter, there is a one-time registration fee of $20 (tax not included).

Customizable lessons that can only be done at the Renee's Music Studio! !


"It's a group lesson class, but I am hesitant to participate with others and rather do it by myself...."
Please contact us! We plan one-on-one lessons accommodating your wishes.

"I'm going to Hawaii for a few weeks, so I'd like to do a short-term intensive program/lesson during my stay!"
Please let us know your travel schedule and requested number of lessons!

"I have a performance coming up and would like to increase my lesson time and number of lessons..."
Of course you can! Please consult with your instructor and take as many lessons to achieve your goals. 

Trial lesson

Any class interest you?
Renee's Music Studio has trial lessons for every class!


If you are unsure, please apply for a trial lesson to get a taste of what the lesson would be like! 

How to apply

(1) Please contact us using the Contact us.
Please send us your desired class, available time (day of the week and approximate time), requests, etc.


(2) Once we receive your email and find a teacher that can accommodate your requests, you will receive an email regarding the trial lesson.


(3) Trial lesson fee
May vary depending on class. 

One-on-one lesson (20 minute trial): $25(including tax)

Piano, voice, ukulele, saxophone, Japanese, etc.


Please contact us for other classes.


(4) See you at the trial!
Please give yourself enough time to park and find the location promptly! Really looking forward

to meeting you!