Enjoy music and grow with it

Enjoy music and grow with it


With a 98% Instructor Satisfaction Rate, 95% Overall Satisfaction Rate,

and 93% Fun Rate, our music school proudly boasts over 48,000 lessons taught over 20 years.


【You should join us if】

▶︎you want to raise their child's self-confidence and self-esteem through piano

▶︎you want to improve your skills

▶︎you want to participate in competitions

▶︎youwant to learn piano or musical instruments.

▶︎you want to go to the college of music



【What is Renee's Music Studio?】

⭐️Abundant opportunities to participate in renowned

⭐️piano competitions in Japan and around the world

⭐️Opportunities for music study abroad in Hawaii and the mainland United States, as well as short-term intensive courses.

⭐️Lessons in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

⭐️Over 20 classes such as piano, violin, cello, voice training class


If you're interested, please email us (musicstudioinquiry@gmail.com)













【Renee's Music Studioとは】