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Renee Teruya

Renee is the owner of Renee's Music Studio, located in Honolulu! She offers a wide range of classes, teaching all ages of students from babies to seniors. They have a baby & toddler rhythmic class, and also a morning academic class for littles ones where they learn the Japanese language, enjoy music & rhythmic, and play with brain stimulating puzzles and toys! 


"Our music school is very unique in that there are so many events throughout the year including a Kahala Mall Christmas Concert, Ala Moana Center Stage Halloween Concert, National Guild Audition Test, participation in studio, national, and International leveled competitions, and much more!"


Renee's Music Studio also has a special advanced program, which the students in the program have had the chance to win and attend winners’ concert at Carnegie Hall in NY, and many other prestigious music halls in Europe.